Prox is always devoted to innovative technology and products.From self-development hardware platform,integrated peripheral device,customized software service to marketing stragy development,we offer comprehensive business solutions and various value-added services;From front-end to back-end,we also provide one-stop service for our customers. Starting from Taiwan, Prox has many offices across North, Central and South Taiwan.With our local services,we deliver more tailor-made and flexible integrated solutions based on customer's demand to differnt industries.At same time,through our local services,we could rapidly and efficiently solve any customer' problems.

"Honesty, Diligence,Stable Growth" are three main principles of Prox' business philosophy,Prox is dedicated to innovation and updated technology constantly.Along with superior quality,high performance solution, reasonable price and reliable professional service,we keep establishing win-win partnership and situation together with our customers.

Always think one step ahead of customers is our belief.

Our Advantages

  • Self-made hardware and software products,with high stability.
  • Direct services by Porx.
  • Our average priceis lower in industry,but with superior-quaility service.
  • Free trial.Providing customized adjustment to help customer' eliminating unfamiliarity with POS system usage before purchase.
  • Flexible leasing term, no bundled contract,able to change leasing to buyout,and re-grant hardware at expiry.These help reduce customer' burden when implementing our POS system.
  • User-friendly interface,customer could know how to operate easily.
  • When machine is damaged, we will replace a machine for customer to avoid long-wait for repairment.